:: WHY WE BE ::

Boo to false, self-imposed limits, we say. These champion oracles want to live enthusiastically. Follow our trip through projects that challenge, frustrate, and/or scare us. In the end (which is really the middle) we want to live like big bright free and authentically awesome people.

About Stephany

My name is Stephany. I'm 37, a soon-to-be single mom and a high school Communication Arts teacher. I also am a taxi driver, cook, nurse, counselor, referee, cleaning lady, laundress, mentor, homework-checker, and friend. In my spare time, I enjoy music, working out, reading and writing, spending time with family & friends, and all of my kids' activities. I am a Jesus-follower, and I try to do right in this jacked-up world.
At some point in my life, I got scared and quit being bold. What's up with that, anyway? At this stage in my life, I've learned that boldness matters. It's not what you get in life that matters, it's what you DO with what you get that counts. Taking that attitude means that I am choosing to DO, choosing to BE, and I want MORE! So, with that in mind, I'm jumping in, fears and all. Time to feel the fear and LIVE LIFE anyway! And awaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy we go..............

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