:: WHY WE BE ::

Boo to false, self-imposed limits, we say. These champion oracles want to live enthusiastically. Follow our trip through projects that challenge, frustrate, and/or scare us. In the end (which is really the middle) we want to live like big bright free and authentically awesome people.

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About Tanya

My name is Tanya, and I am a true to form 70s child blessed with an awesome sister and great great great rock star friends, boyfriend, and family. I am completely devoted to my two nieces (like LOVE LOVE LOVE these girls), and I'm pretty sure I struck gold with my dad, often referred to as "Papa Cecil."  I am a recent Catholic convert, and I find a lot of security and comfort in church that I never have my entire life. I don't have any children but dream about adopting in the next few years (my nieces want me to adopt a Korean baby, and I like this idea a lot). I work as a mental health therapist and love what I do although must admit sometimes I have no idea what to do in situations, so I wing it. I constantly strive to figure myself out, and (some have heard this already) I was once told as a teen that I was "shallow" so that one comment nags at me to this day. And... sometimes I AM shallow, which is a bad bad flaw.  I realize about once a day that I'm being selfish and hope that I improve in this area. This is for real and not something that I am fishing for "oh no you're not." Further, I can be obsessive at times and not enough at others. So.... basically, I am a work in progress, and I love life almost every single day.  

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