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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My first friggin post.......and I apologize (Tanya)

So....... I have been in a work training since Sunday, which clearly means I have no real clue what I am going to write about, right? Ok, well, and since this whole thing started, I haven't really known or thought of one single thing that is GREAT to the point of personal achievement absolute GREATNESS that I am WILLING to do. So...... this must mean that my rigid controlled self is really really, really really really in a safe comfort zone. However, here is what I did do. In my cush comfort zone of running, I did run a race by my self last weekend. That is a brand new thing I've never done, and it felt pretty good. Again, it was pretty safe and not hugely out of my comfort zone. But, this is a start. I should also mention, I befriended a girl there who totally kicked my butt (I mean seriously kicked all of our butts and really really kicked my butt.... she was AHHHH-Mazing!), and this was very humbling for me. I was just another runner, thank goodness out of her running age group (right??), and I decided to ask her a lot of questions to hopefully learn a thing or two and spark up some new motivation. I also think I may join a running group and start "stepping it up a notch" overall (you know, get back to the gym, do some weights, do some other stuff that are good for 30-somethings). Lastly, and I do realize the blandness of this post, I do think I am going to jump out of that airplane at some point in the next 6 months(ish). This, however, does not really scare me. I AM EXCITED FOR THIS! :)

So..... this is it for me today. This is my first post.... but hopefully I will improve. HOLLA!


patresa said...


no apologizing! and i think any steps out of comfort zone are giant and important!

and i love your honesty, and i love that you're here. t-dawg, you're a badass!

patresa said...

hey, wait a minute! what about those dance lessons?!

Tanner May said...

YES!!!!! Right on, dance lessons! Yes!!!

T-Free said...

Jump out of an airplane? *shudders* Wow. You are so brave. I get sweaty just thinking about that. Please take lots of pictures when you do it! :)

amy said...

Tanya, if you jump out of a plane I'll listen to my local country music station for one whole week straight driving to and from work (I hate country music, this would be a HUGE sacrifice for me) (I thought about getting up for 4 AM 5K trainings for a week, but realized: listening to country music to & from work would be WAY more intense for me).


Tanner May said...

Ha! Too funny! I so do not want to torture anyone.... BUT I do really want to jump out of that airplane, and I will take lots of pictures!! How about this, I will take one for the team and listen to country music while I do it. Woo! (ok, another comfort zone admission, I don't exactly hate country music...... Miranda Lambert is kinda badass too so maybe she would be appropriate on the jump. Yay!)

By the way..... more for the next post perhaps, BUT, I realized today that I am a bit of a weenie with co-workers. Must work on this. I mean, I'm going to jump out of an airplane people!

Katie said...

WOOOOOO-HOOOOOOO (the noise I associate with jumping out of a place) So more, WOOOOOOOOO-HOOOOOOOO!!!!!

That is incredible. Jumping out of a plane is something I imagine would be great, but it would be hard for me to clean all the scaredy-crap out of my pants. Therefore, it's totally awesome that I can do it vicariously! Can't wait!

Stephany said...

HOLLA, T!!!!! Love ya!

Wendy Jans said...

Jumping out of a plane? Holy buckets. If that's not scary, I don't know what is. The fact that you befriend AND let yourself be inspired by people that outrun you (literally) rather than becoming jealous, inspires me.