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Boo to false, self-imposed limits, we say. These champion oracles want to live enthusiastically. Follow our trip through projects that challenge, frustrate, and/or scare us. In the end (which is really the middle) we want to live like big bright free and authentically awesome people.

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

COFFEE Community Update #3

Hello COFFEE drinkers.

How about a quick update?

The good people of COFFEE are taking a short break to close 2010 and welcome 2011.

January 3, 2011, we'll be back and likely with a little extra froth. Wendy J just kicked her project in the fanny (i.e., she DID IT!), thereby upping the bar.

We'll also be back with a slightly altered schedule--integrating a few days of SILENCIO! in the middle and at the end of each round for a little catch-up space.

So… tool around a bit now. Catch up on what you've missed. And then come back January 3, for a new year of doing things that are scary.


T-Free said...

Happy 2011 to all of the incredible COFFEE ladies, COFFEE Community members, and readers. It's going to be a fantastic year. :)

patresa said...

back at you, tawni rocker!

Anonymous said...

That Katie chick should post more often! Despite the fact that her blog picture makes her look like a prospering alcoholic ready for intervention and some of her stories seem to support this impression, she is so CUUUUUUTE... hate that know-it-all husband, though....