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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Winter Solstice, more Owls and Serendipity! (Holly)

Here is what I believe.  I believe that the Artist’s Way is helping to clear out a bunch of gunk that has been accumulating in my brain for a long time.  I believe that that is what opened my eyes to being able to see the Owl speaking to me.  Turns out that there are animal spirit guides for all of us if we’re willing to listen.  I’ve had them before, though didn’t know it at the time.  Because the Owl has made such a dramatic entrance into my life, and I happen to be in a phase of inquiry, I decided to listen this time.  Well, I didn’t really decide.  I think I had no choice.  So, I’ve been doing a little research.  What I’ve been learning is literally sending chills down my spine. 

Owl sees and knows the truth. Its ability to navigate through the darkest night and bring back nourishment for itself and others is the foundation of this essence. When you have lost your way, owl essence will guide you back to your proper path and wisdom.

This post is going up on December 21.  Winter solstice. The longest, darkest night of the year. And, my birthday.  Navigate through the darkest night and bring back nourishment, eh? Well….the parallels are just too blatant to ignore.  The whole intent of me doing the Artist’s Way course is to search for wisdom and a new path.  And, of course, I chose to begin this journey after HY2010, one of the darkest yet.  Even though the dark year was over and HY2011 began in October, the lessons from HY2010 were/are not necessarily clear to me. The Owl is here to guide me.

I’ve always seen it as critical to understand exactly what was going on.  I don’t care if it’s good or bad. I want to know the truth.  I want to live in reality. What’s the point of living a lie? I’ve been “accused” of being an optimist many times. I would argue that I’m a realist.  It just so happens that I like reality.  Yes, I have a capability of seeing and knowing the truth….if I have all of the pieces at my disposal. I can usually sense when I don’t have all of the pieces….and will feel off kilter right away.  This can be off-putting for those that are keeping the pieces from me.  One lesson I think I have learned is to trust my instincts about there being pieces to the story missing and then make a decision whether I want to pursue the truth or let it be.  The other person is keeping the piece that I don’t know from me for a reason.  I either need to accept that or walk away. After giving them ample opportunity to share, of course.

Death and rebirth, releasing that which has outlived its benefit and usefulness in your life. Clearing a home or land of negative energy. Starting over in a new life or releasing the ties that kept you bound to the old one.

Whoa….kinda creepy, right? I’m feeling another blatant slap upside the head here.  This settles it.  My next project, above all is else, is a massive cleanse of the house.  I need to pretend that I’m moving to Australia for three years and can only keep what I’ll absolutely need when I get back, cuz I’m going to have the smallest storage space possible. 
Releasing the ties that bind me to the old one, huh.  I get the message.  I know the message.  Implement the message? Hmmmm…. I suppose there are several ties that bind.  There could also be several interpretations of “release”.  Figurative and literal.  I think this is definitely an area that I need to think more about.  Maybe ask my Owls for more guidance on what exact ties are binding me and exactly how to release them. 

The Owl provides a vital function in keeping bird, rodent and insect populations in check; too many of any species is detrimental to the balance of all. So it is with other things in our own lives, for if we have too many possessions, too many projects, too much of anything, it limits and restricts our ability to move freely through the different areas of our lives and the result is stagnation which leads to the death of joy, happiness and abundance. Owl medicine then becomes crucial in helping us to clear out that which is no longer needed or wanted. What may seem like a death to us in the giving up of something may be for another the birth and manifestation of a dream.

Excuse me? Did somebody say balance???? Aaarrggghhhh! Creepy creepy baby!  I have to admit though, I hadn’t thought about balance in quite this way.  Yes, as you all know, I’ve been thinking of cleansing the house of things that have worn out their welcome, but I had not thought about the crap in my house resulting in stagnation leading to the death of joy, happiness, and abundance.  Too many projects?? Yes, I can identify with this too.  For years, I was trying to do way too much by myself.  There really wasn’t much I could do about it….for awhile. However, the good thing that happened in HY2010 was that the program that I manage for the state has become fully staffed.  Consequently, I can, and have been able to take projects off of my professional plate.

We find that as we begin to move through the process of what we truly want, clearing the old to make way for the new birth of the Self that is close at hand, we find that other obstacles, limitations, fears and anxieties also begin to "die" in our lives. They no longer have the hooks to remain attached to our energy fields and without our support, they must die.

Sounds like motivation to me, friends.  The last 10 days have been full of rapid river movement in my psyche.  I’ve done the morning pages about 90%, read my chapters which are amazing, and sucked asshat at my artist dates.  But, darlings, the Universe has been speaking….Here are some examples:

a)      Holly’s mom: “Holly, what do you want for your bday and xmas?”
Holly: “Oh, well…hmmm…I saw these wall hangings in my therapist’s office at the Oncology Center…I’ll send you the link. They look cool and have great little phrases amazingly perfect for my life…I’ll send you the link”.
One day later a birthday package arrives with an ornament with said artist. The message? CREATE (Tell it). The dear friend that sent me this ornament has no idea I’m doing this project or certainly not that I liked this artist!!

b)      I dropped my blackberry in the toilet. The day and the place that I dropped it were significant too.  I don’t have my contacts backed up.  A sign? I think so. Especially, when corresponding with my car getting stuck that same day for three days last week.  The message? Slow down and cleanse sista….
c)      And, yes…the Owls are still with me. I think they will be for the rest of my journey.

So, my friends, on this longest night of the year, cuddle up and take a breather.  Slow it down.  Remember how precious life is…remember the people you love…remember to tell them and to spend time with them. Embrace.  And, know…..that tomorrow, the nights get shorter and the days get longer. They always do.    


Wendy said...

Woa, Holly this was deep... I feel like Goober from Mayberry trying to even respond, as I attempt to ingest all of your sparkly thought gems.

First off tho, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! It is clear to me that this is going to be a BIG year for you. You are starting afresh and I know that big ideas and big living is in store for you, m'lady.

Man, I LOVE that story about the artist/ornament and it randomly being sent to you after you 'put it out there'. These are the truths in life that I need to be reminded of, so thank you. Man, how freakin' cool.

I love the idea of clearing out your house like you're moving to Australia, purging all the physical things that our fears and trepidations so subtly attach to. What I love most is, when things happen, like dropping your blackberry in the toilet, you seek the reason for it rather than wallowing in self-pity. I am going to take a lesson from you on this, one sister. Thanks for reminding me.

And lastly, owls are amazing. Whenever I can't sleep, I go to the upstairs room and invariably can hear our neighborhood owl perched somewhere very close outside my window, cooing it's owly purr. I once saw two owls sitting side by side at the top of our tall black walnut tree and just then, ANOTHER owl flew past them and the other two joined him in flight.

These are not things to take lightly and I'm so inspired by your willingness to 'see'.

Tanner May (Tanya) said...

Winter solstice and your birthday..... wow! "Hoo knew!" :) I love all the owl references in your writing, Holly. I have never thought so much about the beauty and wisdom of owls until you. I think I need to get one for my home, I'm thinking maybe a nice painting for my room.

Clearing out the clutter too.... I like that very much. You seem to be in such a remarkable place. I think The Artist's Way must be so meaningful in so many ways for you, but I also just know you were meant to be in this place right now. "The owl is here to guide me." Nobody says that who isn't in a really great place intrinsically.

I am also very inspired and at peace by your writing. Thanks and more and more peace back at you. Oh, and one more thing, I like both optimists and realists. :)

amy said...

I loved everything about this, Holly. I love the wisdom of The Owl guiding you (I'm a big believer in signs and guides and spiritual uprisings) (also, just this morning as I was wrapping up some presents? Our local news featured a story about a state trooper who found an injured owl on a road here and sat by it for hours, guarding it (under a box so it wouldn't get scared), until it could be rescued. Coincidence that I saw this piece about a local owl and then, later, today came and read yours about owls? I think not).

Also, when you're cleansing out your house, I once read that very Earth & Nature-centered religions often like to spiritually cleanse by spreading salt into the corners of rooms and then sweeping up the salt as a way of absorbing less-than-positive energy and sweeping it away. (I may, in fact, need to do this very thing myself as a way to say good by to 2010 in about a week, because 2010, in general, was a pretty poopy year over here.)

I really love it when cool serendipitous things like the ornament/art work happen, and I so agree (I so! agree!) that the Universe often does things like dropping blackberries into toilets when It needs to send a Big Message of some sort. The trick is to be open to it, and try not to shake your fist at the Universe when it does it. I am not good at this--but it sounds like you are. That really, really makes me LIKE you (I already did, I'm just doubling it).

To summarize: Cleansing (spiritually and physically) is good. Messages from spirit are important. Serendipity is cool. This whole post makes me want to go out and load up on owls.

amy said...

Oh yes, and Happy Birthday! Winter Solstice seems like an excellent time for a birthday party. :-)

patresa said...

man oh man oh man. you are getting one heck of a beautiful and powerful cosmic shaking, holly! amazing.

so very glad you mentioned the pee-berry. :)

i know i've told you that i felt that the universe nudged me to this job, and if it hadn't, i wouldn't have met you, and i wouldn't be witnessing this very very inspiring transformation. so for that, i am grateful.

CREATE! yes.


Anonymous said...

You've been busy Holly! I can tell you've been listening closely to your own rhythm and are striving to put into seque with your surroundings. Not all who wander are lost, right? I believe you’re hungry for a new kind of satisfaction. As you wander about clearing out space in your home and mind I hope you’ll continually define what your new prerequisites that new satisfying life balance really needs. Without visualizing this new kind of happiness, your forest might get lost among the trees.

Wishing you the very best!


T-Free said...

Once again, your spirit guide owl lessons are fascinating and amazing me. I feel connected to hawks in the same way, and often wonder what they are trying to tell me. I am going to have to research that. You've inspired me.

Happy birthday to you! Sorry I'm catching up on reading and commenting so late, so I'm extremely belated, but I hope it was wonderful. Sounds like it was definitely a very thoughtful one for you.

Thanks for the reminder to slow down and breathe. I can't hear that enough. I sometimes contemplate getting it tattooed on my arm. :)