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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Papa C Retires.... and I Admire (Tanya)

I realize that I do a whole lot of apologizing when I write a post, and I will not do that here (maybe, ok, likely I will).

I don't have a humongo progress report but limited is better than nada, right? Okay, so here goes.

1. I have been more okay with inadequate feelings and move through them cool as ice (no, not really, but progress has still been made).
2. Smiling: Oh yes, check check check. You betcha! After looking at Amy's recent pictures, it also dawned on me I need to do another crest whitestrips if I'm showing off my pearlies so much.
3. I've still been focused on being more charitable, and I have contributed and given the shout out to some important causes, but I have pulled the purse strings a tad at Mass (man, that sounds bad as I type it). I've amended this to giving the biggest bill in my purse but not the whole wad. I had to (feel like I had to).... I am a social worker (or this goal is too hard, but I am putting it all out there for full disclosure whatever it is).
4. Speaking up more: Check check CHECK. I will also admit there may have been some "did I just say that?" moments, and there has been regret.
5. Time-outs...... Um yeah, I need more work on this one. Talk about drinking the poop, Stephany. I can definitely still BE the poop.
6. Saying something nice to everyone I encounter: I am going to be honest. I forgot about this one.
7. Text less, call more, gossip less: YES! (And not always.)
8. Listening better: I am going to high five myself on this one. I have actually learned truckloads about myself as a listener, and I will keep on truckin' on. :)
9. Intentionally nicer to my mother: YES! I feel good about this, and I love my mother. (Complicated.)
10. The Rosary. Okay, this is one of those things that is so daunting, and I am failing miserably. I keep getting all this material on how to pray The Rosary, and I've given it a few half hearted tries, but I am failing. I am pretty certain God is wanting to have a very candid talk with me about this one. He also wants to talk to me about missing church a few times..... Holly, I think I need a prayer board stat......
11. Finish reading The Kindness of Strangers book. I want to lie and say I did, but I only almost did. I'm very sorry Tawni.

Well, damn, I cannot NOT apologize because I have significant focusitis.......

Okay, BUT here is what I really want to write about (so goals can suck it.... not really, I just have been saying that a LOT lately, and I'm writing this post with no edits). So my dad, also known by many who love and adore him as "Papa Cecil," has retired. He retired December 30, 2010 after THIRTY SIX (36!!!!!) years of dedicated service. When I say "dedicated," this doesn't really do any justice to what I am shouting out from my heart and gut. No words accurately capture the kind of work ethic my father has, and no words come remotely close to describing how much I admire him. Again, Webster's Dictionary doesn't have .00001% of rock star adjectives for me to accurately describe my dad. He is the kind of person who Wendy, Patresa, or Tawni could write and sing songs about that would be full of upbeat tempos and interesting notes with groovy harmony (I'm not sure that makes sense, but it does in my head). He is kind, loving, honest, true, respectful, respecting, generous, forgiving, funny, intelligent, patient, inspiring, strong, and........................forever awesomeness awesome things. Maybe it would be clearer if I had Katie or Becky take pictures of inspiring things that represent my father better than I can write it out. Any ideas Ladies? :)

Coming to terms with the fact that he decided to retire was not easy for Papa Cecil, especially leading up to R-Day. Since I first met my dad the day I was born, the man has worked ridiculously long hours intuitively. He has defined much of his life by hard work. I actually once worked for Papa Cecil (I cleaned up logos on the computer, and it was super duper awesomely fun), and he was the single best supervisor of my life. He would also let me off work on a moment's notice.... to be fair, I think I should also disclose this. I'm also pretty certain he paid me more than I was worthy.

So, my emotions are radically traveling all over the map on how I feel about my dad retiring. Of course I am elated and super super fantastically excited for his new ventures in life, but I am strangely sad for him. Now, I am his daughter and very very likely being 200% more dramatic about his retirement than he is, but I cannot help but worry. He, on the other hand, is proclaiming excitement to "just figure it out for awhile" and probably start up his own lawn or car detailing "business." It's not about the money, and he doesn't need a lot of customers, but he loves doing this. He thrives on being busy and LOVES being outside (you should see his mammoth of a yard.... really, it is like a national park). This is what I keep reminding myself of, that my dad, dear Papa Cecil, is going to be Papa Cool.

I have also had a great deal going on in my world on the job front. My dad, my counsel, helped me through a great deal of transitional anxiety leading up to the changes and new endeavors I'm taking on the last several months. For those of you who don't know, I am a therapist at a community mental health center, and I manage Crisis Services out of one of our locations. I learned in December after several months of speculation that upon one of my all-time favorite people's retirement (my crisis supervising "partner"), I will be taking over supervising crisis services in another office as well. This is scary, hairy, exciting, ball-busting, challenging, brain draining, and cool, and I very well may pee my pants at some point. Not really. I may, however, feel like peeing my pants or taking a sooner vacation than planned. How's Germany, Katie?

I just cannot thank God enough for the dad He gave me and that I have my dad to help me through any pee-in-my-pants moments to come. I do hope for my dear, cool beans father, I can lend a quality ear every once in a while or blue moon if that's his jive, and I hope he enjoys his retirement and gets used to the idea of a little chill and relaxation. I don't even need any notice for that ear, Dad.

So, for the New Year 2011, I throw out many cheers and endless admiration to Papa C........ and continue to high five you awesome blossom COFFEE gal pals. Keep on rockin' on Becky, Amy, Steph, Patresa, Wendy, Holly, Tawni and Katie!


T-Free said...

Noooooooo! You shouldn't apologize to silly old meeeeeee for not reading a book! You stop that right now! :) But my book-nerd interest is definitely piqued. It sounds interesting. I am going to have to look for that book now. Haha.

Congratulations to your dad for being an amazing human with a great work ethic who is finally taking a much-deserved break. That is so cool. I am a landscaping and plant person, so I'm hoping he will start the lawn business you mention. *crosses fingers* I want to see pictures of his national park-esque yard too. I love that stuff. So much peace to be found working in the dirt and making things grow.

I high five you right back, T-Bop!! It's going to be a great year. :)

Steph said...

T, I love, love, LOVE, L-O-V-E how you talk about Papa Cecil... He is just one of the many reasons I envied you as a young person. Now that I finally have a daddy like that, I know how lucky you were and are and how right I was to wish for that growing up! I'm so stoked that he's decided to step out into the unknown and tackle his retirement the same way he has his life - with gusto and on his own terms, not because he has to but because that's who he is! I love it, and I love how you shared it with us! (Love the pics, too... they're awesomely amazing!)
As for what's up at work, you HAVE this, Tangy T! You've worked hard and earned your stripes, and you clearly are capable. After all, you have Papa Cecil's blood flowing in your veins! :) Know we're pulling for you and are SURE you can do this... get some Depends, girl, if that is what it takes, and ROCK IT like I know you can! Much respect for you and much love to ya, T-Money!!!!!!!!!!!!

patresa said...

hooray for papa cecil! i hope this transition is full of mad amounts of joy (to balance the fear of a rattled identity)

hooray for you and your family for having papa cecil… and for you not taking it for granted.

big congrats on your work accomplishment! no surprise there at all. i see what an accomplished professional you've become, and it makes me look back at our 8th grade stories and giggle. who knew, right? proud of you, t.

and hooray for smiling and giving and listening and balancing and loving when it's difficult. you are a great role model!

amy said...

1. You have GREAT teeth, Tanya! Very pearly white--Charles (a former orthodontia specialist who's taught me everything I know) would say this as well.(Although I *will* do another plug for Crest White Strips here: do not waste your money on dentist office treatments--just head out to Wal-Mar t or Target and pick you up a pack of Crest White Strips.My friend Kim, who owns a dental office, tells me the stuff dentists use in trays is pretty much the same concoction.)(Oh, and if any Creste reps happen to be reading this, you now owe me exactly $500,000 in endorsement fees. I plug you people all the time and have yet to see a penny.)

2.I love that people call your papa Papa Cecil! The word "Papa" attached to anyone's name makes me feel so happy, because 99% of the time that person earned that title.

3. I bet Papa Cecil will have some nice transition R & R, and then hit the ground running in Retirementville. Productively retired people always find ways to (although, can I advise you to warn Papa Cecil to say NO to any bridge club ladies who show up at his door? Because they showed up at my mom's and took away 2 of her Saturdays each month. And then the Bunco ladies got wind and stopped by. And then the church book club ladies followed by the prayer group...now, she's gambling on Saturdays and Wednesdays, reading on Mondays, and praying on Thursdays and Sundays. Tuesday. If I want to see my mom, I generally get her on a Tuesday...IF the neighbors haven't grabbed her for a dinner party.) (Good stars, Retirement sounds exhausting! ;-)

4.If it makes you feel better, I have no idea how to pray The Rosary either (this could be do to the fact I'm not Catholic, but I don't care--I really LIKE the idea of meditatively fingering beads and praying The Rosary and I would totally do it if I knew how).

5.You will rock the pants off of people in your new job responsibilities! Even if you pee your pants. You have stupendously fabulously improved listening skills, for example, and this can only make you the coolest supervising crisis service gal in that whole place. Woo! Tanya!

6. Those pictures made me SMILE. Families that do peace/peace out signs in pictures are the best.

Katie said...

Yippee for Papa Cecil! AND for you!! It sounds like you both are headed for adventure, and it's cool that you can support each other through all the endeavors! Congrats on the hairy and scary new job responsibilities, even if they're pee-pants worthy. Scary, but with the potential for huge professional fulfillment. I'm sure they couldn't have picked a better suited person!

My dad is looking down the gullet of retirement as well, he has one more year. I too am a little worried about how he will fill his time, not because I'm afraid he won't, but because I'm afraid he'll find some fringe project that necessitates a welder's torch and an abundance of broken household machinery. He is a man who needs a project if I've ever seen one, so maybe Papa Cecil can give him some advice when the time comes!!

Enjoy Papa Cecil's time and wisdom, he sounds like a go-to guy.

Woo for new things!!!

Wendy said...

Tangy, your adoration and concern for Papa Cecil truly warmed the cockles of my heart. Hearing the super-glue bonds like yours between Papa and Daughter are the kinds of things that make me think that maybe this world isn't such a turd machine. I'm so glad for you that you have such a wonderful father in your life and it's beautiful how much you acknowledge and appreciate that.

BTW, your dad looks really young! This is so exciting for him to have another life.

Congrats on your new job position!! Proof that all this self-examination and striving for a better you is working! Rad city!

Holly said...

Tangy T, I have to reiterate what so many sistas have already said. The way that you talk about your papa is so heart warming. What a blessing that you have such a wonderful father. He is going to have such a wonderful retirement and the two of you will grow even closer with his extra time. I love gardening and landscaping as well and know that folks that aren't working full time have THE best gardens. What joy that brings to the world.

Congrats on your promotion! I admire your commitment to the field. We need people like you in the world.

totally digging your passion and love!! SUWEET AND HIGH FIVES ALL AROUND!