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Boo to false, self-imposed limits, we say. These champion oracles want to live enthusiastically. Follow our trip through projects that challenge, frustrate, and/or scare us. In the end (which is really the middle) we want to live like big bright free and authentically awesome people.

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Thursday, November 4, 2010

COFFEE Community Update #1

We're recruiting! It will be a tremendous movement! A wave of brave bright awesome souls becoming braver brighter and awesomer!

Follow Missy at My Scary Challenge as she snaps both her body and her business back in shape!

Follow Michelle at In Search of My Muchness, as she battles a renegade pancreas and vows to become more present-- to experience more of her life here and now by writing it all down.

We'd love to have you. If you have an idea for a project and would like to link up, leave a comment with your name (whatever you'd like us to call you), your blog address, and a brief description of your project. We'll check in and update regularly, cheer you on (and up), and you may even be asked to be a guest blogger. Remember, it doesn't have to be huge. Sometimes, even the baby steps outside of our comfort zones feel enormous and profound.


Michelle said...

Thanks Patresa!

"Renegade Pancreas" -- I love it! It sounds bad-ass.

patresa said...

totally badass! and a great name for a band!

Michelle said...

Yes! lol