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Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Magic of Meaning It (Wendy)

I once read a book called Write it down and it Will Happen! It was chock full of testimonials from people who claimed that they wrote down their goals on a piece of paper, then sat back and watched while every single one of them magically happened on the date they wrote next to it.
Well, I hate to be the pooper at the party, but I followed the book’s advice and it was a dismal failure. My list is still sittin’ on some dusty hard drive – bitterly unfulfilled like a scorned woman. So I decided that the whole thing was poppycock… until the Call Bill project restored a little of my faith.

I get the concept behind Write it Down… -- the idea being that, with the act of writing it down, you are squeezing your obstinate ideal self into your subconscious space, which is determined enough to work miracles. Nowadays, the hip term for this idea is "manifestation" attached to the notion of "speaking into the universe" your desires.

I have to admit that I think it’s a little silly to think that the universe is going to twist its intricately woven fabric so that I can get that promotion at the filling station (yes, I made that up for effect :-), but I will admit that I experienced this Write it Down/Manifestation phenomenon with the “Call Bill” project.

Although I really hadn’t really made any tangible strides towards the project except for a lot of talk - I will say that I felt myself becoming a little more brave and a little more open. It was only days into this new perspective that, out of the blue, one of my Bills called ME! After over a year without any communication, he called with a new project for me to work on with him. So, while it wasn’t a purely social call, I have to wonder if it was the wind crying “Windy (Wendy)” – to let my old friend know that I’m open for business.

I do think sometimes that our countenance, when truly sincere, can penetrate physical barriers like time and space. I don’t think it’s magical, I think God’s presence lingers in all of the details of life and within our unseen battles and victories. Even though it seems like He’s not on our side a lot of the time, I think he’s just waiting until we’re ready. We may try to convince Him otherwise, but there's just no fooling God.

So, I pray, I speak, I type and God, in turn, whispers and prompts (when the time is right). It’s not clockwork and it’s not a formula, but I do believe. This experience tells me that maybe it’s more about meaning what we say – real intention - not some stupid list on a page sprinkled with fairy dust.


T-Free said...

I loved this, Wendy. Such a smart, beautiful, well-written post.

My favorite part: "I do think sometimes that our countenance, when truly sincere, can penetrate physical barriers like time and space." Awesome. And I believe!

I read a book called The Wishing Year about the journey of a woman going through a rough/changing point in her life (post-divorce, scandal, etc.) who applies the idea of writing down the things for which she wishes, because she's read that it will help. This is done to the extreme of even building little shrines to represent what she'd like out of life. (That appealed to me just because they sounded like crafty fun.) By the end of the book, this approach seemed to work out for her, but I wondered if it was mostly because she was focusing more than ever on the things she wanted, and keeping her goals constantly present in her subconscious and conscious mind. I am definitely hoping the COFFEE Project will do that for me. Focus: I need it.

I also really believe in the power of "putting it out there" for the wind/universe/God to swoosh around to the necessary ears, and think it is SO COOL that one of your Bills called you! And if it is a project you are interested in, then let the bravery begin! :)

Tanner May (Tanya) said...

Wonderful, Wendy. Wonderful! So so so true. Genuinely meaning it. No empty gesture here. No fair weather runner. I love it! I think you hit it spot on. Just opening ourselves up, and MEANING it..... I think it's truly a wonderful idea, and if more people just did that one thing every single day, even one time a day, we'd probably even fix GOVERNMENT!

Anyway, I get the inkling that your energy is magnetic, inherent magnetism, and you have amazing things to come. Hello Bill!

patresa said...

I have already given you my reaction in person. Now I will give it in writing. These magical moments are my absolute favorite part of life. hands down. magic, intention, neurology, psychology, energy… whatever you want to call it. I feel like when my intention and my reality meet up with odd little coincidences, it's God's way of saying, "Hey, you're doing what you're supposed to be doing, and I got your back." Very silencing (in a good way) moments. Yes. Plus, this just makes me feel really good about the project in general. Awesome.

Katie said...

Wendy, I think this is one of those posts where I can't pinpoint why I like it so much, because it ALL is woven into this beautifully orchestrated tapestry. What a pretty piece of writing, and so insightful. Being open to whatever the universe sends our way can be a hard but rewarding exercise. And sometimes it can be so peaceful to just say, "all right, fine. I get it. What next, then?" and just ask, to see what the answer is.

This is beautifully done, Wendy, thank you.

amy said...

I love what Tawni, Patresa, and Katie all said, Wendy. I think when we open ourselves to letting God/the Universe swoosh in, all kinds of awesome, magic-y things start happening. Like phone calls out of the blue.

I really do think there's something energy--everything is made of it, including ourselves, and I think thoughts and feelings are energy as well, and when we put them out there, if we're open to it, they'll attract like thoughts/energies.

Which is why I totally think this Bill caught a whiff of Wendy in the wind and called you up. Cool! I love it when that kind of Universe-y serendipitous awesome happens.

....that Write It Down author sounds suspiciously like my Dr. Judith person from my last post. I bet they're related. If I had more time tonight, I'd google it to find out. :-)

Steph said...

The truth shall set you free, isn't that how it goes? I think it is. And I think it's right, fundamentally and absolutely right.
"I pray, I speak, I type and God, in turn, whispers and prompts (when the time is right).... I do believe" Yes! A thousand times, YES! Y-E-S! It's all we can do. We do what we can. Then, when we believe with sincerity of heart and our desires are pure and right, God speaks His truth and power and desires into our lives. I whole-heartedly believe that to be true. I just love how you said it so much better! :)
It's no wonder one of your Bills called on you. You're ready and willing, and God recognized that. Attagirl!