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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Little P's Big Video Log #1 (Patresa)

I made a video log. This is embarrassing. I'm so awfully sorry. It's at the end.

In better news…

Guitar practice time = awesome. 5 hours in the past 8 days! Woo! High-Five, P! Large improvement over my previous 45 minutes, plus I exceeded my 3 hour goal. And I've really been enjoying it. I feel a noticeably different energy with the guitar--kind of like the lid blew off. I'm not a whiz kid, but I feel like things are on the verge of clicking. I like that.

Narrative evidence of progress: I've been practicing when Chris is home. I never liked to do this. (I still don't really like it, but it bothers me less.) Although he is contractually obligated to love and support me, it still embarrasses me to have ANYONE (contractual obligations or not) hear my crap.

Scheduled free time: Ehh… No.

Song Development: I've been working on 2 new ones. Guitar parts are a lot more dynamic than any previous song, which is cool. Vocal lines are a lot more elusive, however, which is less cool.

Goals for the next 10 days:

1. Log another 5 hours of practice time (including the nonsensical drills that I play for you in the vlog).

2. Scratch out a vocal line for one of the 2 originals.

3. Decide on 1 song to cover (Right now I have 4 in mind.) and start figuring it out.

And now, here is the v-log. Again, so sorry.

Over and out. 10-4.


Wendy Jans said...

Hey, I remember that song! I'm gonna be humming that in my head now all day... Your guitar playing is great, I don't know what you're so nervous about. Your song seemed totally fluid with really interesting chord voicings and great rhythm!
Nice job!
You're so lucky to have Chris right there to help you. I would have been overjoyed to have someone help when I was first playing guitar with Chris' talent.
This was fun to see your kooky narrative, I thought it was really funny, especially when you do your mock guitar solos. ;-)
Nice chops!

Tanner May (Tanya) said...

Thank you. I can think of nothing I would have preferred more than watching this while drinking my first cup of coffee this Sunday morning. I may not be a music person "per se" but I know a thing or two about what I like. And I like THAT. If I sounded like you sister, I would be singing everywhere and high fiving myself in the mirror! High five to Chris too!!

I'm also with Wendy, I like your chops!

Also..... will you think I'm taking away from your creative juices if I tell you that your arms looked really toned playing the guitar?

Sarah Jane said...

Edit less...dumb things are endearing ;).

John said...

Once upon a time I was terrified to play and sing an original song, even in front of one of my best friends. I made him sit in a different room so I wouldn't freeze up when I played it. Not too much later Jason and I were on the road. I was still terrified to play in front of people. Even at our last gig I was terrified. But by then my fingers knew what to play, and my voicce knew what to sing. I just went along for the ride. I tell you that to tell you this. You've got the chops to play. You're really quite good! Do what I did in my first gig. Close your eyes, pretend the room is empty, and just let it go. The guy who mixed our CD's said this to me. "You just gotta enjoy hearing it as much as we do." He was sorta zen that way though. Go for it sister. You're ready! Nice work. PS, the kiddos were dancing to your song! Played it twice for them b/c they wanted to hear it again and keep dancing.

Katie said...

Pah. Treese. Ah. Coming from the unassailable position of having Several Talented Musicians in my family (you know, you saw some in June) I can say that I think you are absolutely on a par with them. They are professional musicians, and I think the biggest thing that separates you from them is experience, not talent. Clearly I am no musician myself, but I know what I like and I like what's good.

And you're good, babe. Like it or not, you got some talent to contend with. Your voice is one I could listen to in any mood. Phlegm or no phlegm (Phoebe!)

And I have to say, I smiled through the whole thing because I could just see that you trying not to crack up and pitch the whole shebang. You did great, and were very brave. In fact, I am playing with the idea of doing a video log of me swimming, after watching you do that. Although it might start with me already in the water. No one needs to watch me lumber my way to the pool.

I can't wait to see more.

T-Free said...

After watching this video, I can't believe you have any inhibition at ALL about sharing your voice and songs. Patresa, in all seriousness, no sunshine being blown up any bodily orifices, you are damned GOOD, girl! Your voice is so pretty and pleasant and smooth, and I didn't notice any sinus-y issues at all. We already knew you'd write good lyrics because you are excellent with words, but you are also a good, solid git player with natural vocal chops. I have no doubt whatsoever that you will conquer the world with your music, or at least a few coffee shops (as per your goal).

As a decent rhythm guitarist with no lead git chops whatsoever, I share your insecurity and worries about the guitar parts not being interesting enough when I play alone, and the desire to be able to do some tasty noodling. I totally understood what you meant when you explained that. I don't want to shred, but I also don't want to bore the audience with only barre chords. The finger dexterity exercises you showed us are ones I've been shown by my guitar-playing father, and I never practice them, so your proficiency at them blew me away.

Also: your manner and way of speaking is absolutely charming and adorable. I was giggling right along with you throughout this whole video.

You should be so proud of yourself. Really impressive display of talent and bravery. Way to GO! You ROCK, P! :)

amy said...

Okay. Now, technically, I don't know what I'm talking about, since I'm (a) not a musician, (b) don't know any musicians, (c) don't have a degree in music, or (d)only got a B in that one music class I took in college as an undergrad trying to figure herself out.

But I've played (in this order) the recorder, the violin, the flute, and the piano. And I listen to a lot of music. And I've sat through some BAD karaoke nights. And so, I like to think of myself as sort of a layperson expert on all things Music (as in "that song sucks" and "man, I miss the Beatles so much," and "wow, that person has a really great voice even if she says she's nasally, I just don't hear it" and "I really wish I could play guitar like that" ) (I have guitar playability envy.)

In other words: Patresa! What ay chee ell are you worried about? You're totally ready to go play in front of some coffee house people. You may not be psychically ready, but you're talent-ally ready. This was a cool song, and you have a good voice. Tomorrow, I'll play it for Melissa and see what she says. Melissa never lies (and she likes to dance--if she dances, you're in, flynn).

Also, I think that in your next video log, you should start by giving us a tour of the room you're in. (I need decorating ideas, and I think I see a red sofa with some hip pillows behind you.)

and in conclusion: Woo! P!!

patresa said...

well, this is awfully nice! thank you all for saying such cool things to me. makes me feel good. :)

Steph said...

I loved this. L-O-V-E-D this, as in it made my heart happy to watch you, listen to you, and enjoy your tune-age! I LOVED THIS!
I think it was Amy's reference to Dr. Judith that hit me as I watched you... You really gotta watch your post, as objectively as you possibly can, and then take some Dr. Judith advice: Give yourself some credit!!!! Technically, I think you should skip the coffee shop and just call a record company, but at the very least you need to RECOGNIZE, girlfriend! I'm no music expert, don't understand how it's played or what makes it special, but I know what I like and what makes my heart happy. Your song did that.
Ditto on the uber-toned arms comment above, as well... Do you run on your hands, my dear? I need to know your secret!!!!!
You ROCK, P! I cannot wait to hear the next installment!!!!!!!!!