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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It’s a Winter Wonderland until It’s Time to Shovel (Becky)

Charlie dog and I just went for a walk in the snow and it was quite lovely. Typically March in Iowa means that I am soooo done with winter but winter is not quite done with me. But since this winter was practically bearable compared to the last two, and because it was one of those perfect snowfalls… 32 degrees with big fat fluffy flakes, I rather enjoyed it. And since it was such a wet and rainy and gray and gloomy day, it was refreshing to see everything covered in white (hopefully) one last time. And since I love my snow boots as they are super comfy and cozy and warm and make me happy, I was glad to wear them (hopefully) one last time. Charlie seemed quite pleased also, except when we walked by the house with a new for sale sign in the yard. He noticed right away that the big scary thing is not normally there and dug in his heels and started growling. When I finally did get him to keep walking, he took the widest path around it that his leash would allow. Silly dog.

So while my body was enjoying a serene and peaceful walk on a lovely March night, my brain was racing with the following thoughts “it’s ten o’clock, tomorrow is my day to blog… what should I write? what should I write? what should I write?”

And this is what I came up with…
  1. I should bribe some coffee shop to display my photographs. I’m finally ready to do what I’ve been saying I’m going to do for quite some time. And that is to scan all my photos and negatives and do something spectacular with them. I will print them big, get them framed, write cool captions or stories or poems to go with them and show them to people.
  2. I should invite people to my house for dinner. In my struggle to reconcile myself as an introvert or an extrovert I have increasingly found myself avoiding the bar scene and groups of people. I would prefer some quality time with people on my terms. So in order to open up my life to necessary social interaction, I will open up my home in an effort to reconnect with people who are important to me.

I have taken some baby steps toward these goals. As you know, my last post included a few photos from Madagascar. And I invited my brother and his kids over for dinner the other night. Granted, they stood me up, but it’s a start, right? In full disclosure, I should tell you they eventually did come over… after I called them 30 minutes past the time they were supposed to be here and after Scott got my niece and nephew out of their jammies.

So thanks in advance for holding me to this COFFEE sisters. You all have an open invite to dinner by the way. You may want to bring your own food, though. I guess I should add "3. Cook more" to the above list.

Off to bed. Tomorrow is the day before the penultimate day of week 10 of my first 10-week Kosama session. Chances are good I may have to shovel first. I’m so looking forward to sleeping in next week! But I’ll be back at it soon enough, only this time I will allow myself some appropriately placed sleep-in mornings. In the first 10 weeks, I only missed 1 day! 59 out of 60 workouts….not a bad percentage if I do say so myself.


patresa said...

this post makes me happy for many many reasons.
BECKY! yes! i love these action steps. and i can't wait to see what you create with your photos. a coffee shop would be lucky. no bribing required.

(hey, what about the social club?)

Tanner May (Tanya) said...

I think it's a way fantastic idea to offer your beautiful art of photos to a coffee shop.... they would be so friggin lucky! I would quite love sitting in a coffee shop surrounded by your photos. :)

How about dinner parties with themes? That could go in directions all over the world..... not to mention in directions that you could have some serious fun figuring out as you go.

Also, 59 out of 60 workouts~ wohooooooo! Nice going COFFE Mate!!

amy said...

Good stars, Becky. 59 out of 60 workouts? All before the sun's up?? That was a crazy cool COFFEE project (but this is coming from someone who gets nervous about speed walking a 5K).

I love your 2 projects, the Coffeehouse Photo project and the Invite People to Dinner project. These are both good for you, and good for others (I think). And the Cook More project--head for jamieoliver.com he will lead you (and with a cute, slightly lispy, accent).

I am SO going to take you up on your open dinner invite. I will bring wine and raw cookie dough (I think this makes a perfect appetizer and/or dessert).

Katie said...

Becky!! And more... Becky!! First, holy cow. 59 out of 60 workouts?? My goodness gracious, you get lots of props for that, my friend. Stick some happy face stickers on your fridge for THAT!

And the coffeeshop idea makes me giddy with excitement, and more than a little jealousy. I've thought about this idea a lot since I had my little show in the fall, but haven't had the guts or nuts to follow through. So, thanks for blazing that trail lady! I'm really excited to see how it goes! Keep us posted!

And I would totally come to dinner if you invited me. I would bring an avocado and feta salsa with a brie wheel covered with a caramalized onion, cranberry and pistachio spread. And a good beer. And I wouldn't stand you up. But I might still come in my jammies.

Lots of good things Becky!! So awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow, Becky COFFEE!!! 59/60 workouts... Dang, girl! DOUBLE DANG, in fact! Attachick! (I'm in my Wayne & Garth pose, waving my arms, "I'm not worthy. I'm not worthy."-ing in your general direction.) That. is. awesome. I bet you feel great and look like a million! Charlie Sheen ain't got nothin' on you... YOU are WINNING!!!!!!!!! Yes. Good for you.
I wanna come over for dinner. I like food. I like wine. I like you. I think this is a great idea! Opening your home & kitchen to others is such a simple but intimate way to make connections and share with others. Simple and fun. Enjoy this process. It's gonna be fruitful!
And I doubt bribery will be in order when it comes to getting a coffee shop to display your photos... They are tremendous. Some of those Madagascar pics were mag-worthy, for real. I think a COFFEE date with COFFEE sistas is in order once your display is set up. Definitely.
You're kicking COFFEE project BUTT, Becks! KICKING BUTT. Love it! Keep up the good work & keep us posted!